The Secrets to Getting 
$550,858 in eCom Sales in 3 Weeks
You don’t need to be on a full-time grind anymore. With everything we’re about to show you, you can easily earn a substantial full-time income with only part-time hours.

See, the magic of this system is just how simple it is for anyone to achieve success with minimal work. We've eliminated the guesswork to strategically package up everything you need to quickly and easily achieve record-breaking sales.

When you sign up today, here’s everything you’re getting:

Anchor Listing Academy - The 5-Step System to 1K/Day in Sales

You're about to get exclusive access to all of the "secrets" of $550,858 in eCommerce sales.

Inside this course, you'll be given a simple, step-by-step blueprint. Making it ridiculously easy for you to generate a massive amount of sales in a short time. We’ll show you everything you need to know to go from $0 to $1000/day in sales using this blueprint.

Case Study Corner - Rare 'Behind-the-Scenes' Glimpse at this System in Action

We're pulling back the curtain to give you a rare, behind-the-scenes look at this system. 

You'll see exactly how this 5-step process generated over $550K in sales over a 3 week period. By getting a first-hand look at this system in action, it'll be much easier for you to replicate these results and hit huge milestone sales yourself. 

Business Foundation Framework 

The Business Foundation framework provides a detailed 4-week schedule. Outlining exactly what you need to do, Monday through Friday, during your first 4 weeks of business. This ensures you're on pace to grow your business.

Ads & Listing Optimization Framework

This scenario-based framework provides step-by-step instructions for running your ads and optimizing your Anchor Listings.

You'll also be given solutions for common "What If" scenarios while running Amazon ads. Giving you the know-how to navigate obstacles and continue growing your business.
You’ll also get…

Bonus #1: 2022 eCommerce Holiday

Holidays can easily 2X-8X your sales. This calendar will lay out every important holiday so you don't have to research them yourself. Instead, you'll know when holidays are coming up. Allowing you to easily plan your ads strategically for a huge sales boost with every holiday.

Bonus #2: Done-for-You Message Card Angles

You'll hit the ground running with done-for-you message card angles. These angles are proven with millions of dollars in testing. You can simply log into your account, get your ads up and running with zero guesswork. 

Bonus #3: A Unique Message Card Design from the Gearbubble Team

Gearbubble's in-house designer will create your first message card design. Saving you time and money on doing this yourself, or paying a designer. Instead, you'll be able to get your first Amazon ad up quickly to fast-track your results.

Bonus #4: Done-for-You Keyword Research

Keywords are critical to your success. But we don't want you to waste time practicing yourself. Instead, we're handing you proven keywords so you can quickly enjoy profitable campaigns that won't drain your ad budget.

Bonus #5: Valuable Listing Critique from Aphrodites

We're leaving zero room for guesswork. We're including a listing critique from the highly experienced experts at Aphrodites. They'll provide much-needed support. Giving you insight to turn a possible "dud" into a huge winner.

Bonus #6: Sponsored Ads Critique

Again, we're leaving zero room from error. If for any reason you're not generating enough traffic, we'll have experts review your ads and provide valuable insight on what tweaks are necessary. You'll never be at risk of getting stuck because we're right by your side.

Bonus #7: 'Jumpstart' Call with Hassan

You'll have Amazon expert advice on your side every step of the way. That's why we've included a Jumpstart call to get you started on the right foot.

Bonus #8: Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

This exclusive Facebook group will give you access to a community support system. Including our team as well as fellow sellers who share important tips, tricks and industry insights. You'll never feel alone in your journey to $1K/day.

Bonus #9: Weekly Coaching Calls

You'll be invited to attend weekly coaching calls that will provide up-to-date techniques. This also gives you the opportunity to ensure you're on track to crush your sales goals.

Bonus #10: Private Email to Amazon Ads Master

Got questions? No problem. You'll be given the private email to an Amazon Ads master that will help you easily overcome any hurdles that pop up.

Bonus #11: Lifetime Access to Amazon Integration Software 
(Value: $1164/year)

Our Amazon Integration Software reduces your workload dramatically. Allowing you to list and process orders with ease. This is key to building that hands-off, passive income that you're after!

Bonus #12: Hard Goods - Box of Precious Jewelry Sent to FBA on Your Behalf 
(Value $479)

We're sending a box of precious jewelry to FBA on your behalf. You'll enjoy pure profit on these goods for an extra boost of income in your pocket.

Bonus #13: Direct to FBA Software

This software will allow you to order jewelry in bulk at discounted prices. You'll also be able to get them sent to FBA. Not only does this save you a ton of time, you'll enjoy lower costs for bigger margins!

Bonus #14: Exclusive Invite to 2500 Unit Challenge

This covers the entire cost of this course! When you sell 2500 units (and you will!) you'll get $2500 in Gearbubble credits. Not only does that cover the cost of the course, it also puts a ton of additional profits in your pocket. You have 1 entire year to claim this bonus. Giving you plenty of time to achieve that 2500 unit goal!

Bonus #15: Lifetime Access to Etsy Integration Software 
(Value: $3564/year) 

Etsy is a goldmine for sales! With this software integration, you’ll be able to list and sell on Etsy with ease. Automating your order management process so you can enjoy minimal work.

Bonus #16: Lifetime Access to Shopify Integration Software 
(Value: $1164/year)

You'll also be getting lifetime access to our Shopify integration software. This software will quickly import orders for maximum ease with your order management. 
Real World Results from this 5-Step System:
$616.2K in Product Sales
Over $308K in Sales!
$67,213 in Sales with an Amazing 80% ROI!
$104K in Product Sales
Huge 5- and 6-Figure Sales Across Multiple Products
$22,496 in Sales with an Incredible 44% ROI!

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We're So Confident in Your Success with this System, We'll Give You $200 If it Doesn't Work.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Let's say you dive into Anchor Listing Academy, follow the steps, put it all into action, show proof you’ve exhausted all of our support channels and still, for some reason, you simply cannot get this system to work for you…

Not only are you covered by our 30-day guarantee for a full refund, but we're also going to give you an additional $200 if you've followed the steps, ran at least 3 anchor listings, reached out to our support, and still can't get it to work. Plus, you have until the end of the year to claim that $200 which gives you ample time to put this blueprint into action.

That's how confident we are that you will quickly start crushing sales and hitting big milestones!

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It's time to kiss that full-time grind you've been on goodbye. 

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